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Welcome To Sravani-Leading Digital Hearing Aid Dealer in Kolkata

Sravani Clinic was established in 1985. Today it is one the oldest effective Speech therapy Clinic in Kolkata.

We are very happy with the proper suggestions offered by the audiologist taking audiometry test about selection of right type of digital hearing aid. We got appropriate service of repair of the listening device. We are one of the cheap hearing aids & speech therapy clinic in Kolkata / West Bengal who would properly guide you and help you to choose right digital hearing aid.

At Sravani, we offer quality products of cutting edge technology from PHONAK – PIINNACLE one of the leaders in the listening device instrument industry- We also offer professional ear hearing tests and fitting service, using state-of-the-art knowledge and equipment, rehabilitation and counseling service to all our customers. Our consultants address to each customer’s needs individually with great care, ensuring that they truly benefit from the products and services provided. Hence improving their quality of life and allowing them to overcome communicational stigmata and isolation.

Our Vision

To be the Leading Hearing Health Care Organisation all over the country in the years to come.

Our Mission

The people of Sravani are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for clients and their families by delivering excellent, professional and personal services and by providing affordable hearing solutions.
To raise the awareness and importance of Hearing Health Care within the operated communities.

Our Values

We demand of ourselves the highest ethical standards. Our products and services will be of highest quality.
We are deeply committed to meet the needs of our clientele, and try constantly to achieve 100 % customer satisfaction.

Audiological Diagnosis
Hearing Aids are not sold today on trial basis. The scientific way is first to know the condition of the ear, the extent of hearing loss, more importantly the frequencies to which the patient responds or does not respond. Depending on the audiogram report the hearing instrument is provided.

Year of Inception / Starting August, 1985.
Form of Business : – Sole – Propritorship.
Areas : – Hearing impaired persons. Special care provided to the senior citizen and padeatric group.

Products : – From pocket model :
Behind the Ear (BTE)
To the Mini Size Instrument in the Canal (ITC) and Completely in the Canal (CIC). 

Client Base : – Huge client base spreading all over West – Bengal.
Attachment : – AMRI Clinic & Eastern Command Hospital.

Our Activities
  • We are associated with many organizations, Deaf schools, NGO’s, Old Age Homes. We undertake Hearing awareness camp in many locations at free of cost. There is a constant endeavor to promote the hearing awareness and solution to the challenges.
  • We are providing outdoor activities in the below mentioned locations-Basirhut, Uluberia, Bhadreshwar and Ghatal.
Our New Product : VEN
  • Advanced quad-core chipset. The latest Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. Powerful 200mAH lithium battery for superior usage time. Water resistant with IP54 protection class. Ven brings the quality hardware of a high-end, digital hearing aid into a modern, fashionable and discreet headset.
  • Best of all, Ven is now available for a fraction of the cost of most other hearing aids. Both affordable and accessible, it’s like having your own personal hearing clinic with you, whenever and wherever you need it.
  • For those with mild to severe hearing loss, Ven is a groundbreaking solution. This high-quality and self-fitting aid is the ideal fit for those with sensor neural hearing loss and/or tinnitus, and our self-guided and professional hearing test is easily accessible from the comfort of any home.

Our Manufacturing Network Partner

Enjoy Clear Sound without Missing a moment.

  • Automatic Volume Control
  • Feedback Suppression
  • Directional Microphones
  • Tinnitus Management Program
  • Customized Frequency Response
  • Full Noise Reduction Capabilities

  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Technologyl
  • Wax Guardsl
  • Bluetooth® Connectivity
  • Maximum Number of Sound Channels
  • Maximum Feedback Cancellation
  • 30-minute Charge for 6 hours of use

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Additional Benefits With Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic


Now you can get a Three-Year Warranty on our hearing aids at an additional 10% of the SP and a four-year warranty at 20% of the SP.


Lost your hearing aid or caused any physical damage? No worries. You can again buy the same type of hearing machine within two years of your purchase at 30% of the price. All you need to do is buy our hearing aid and pay an added 10% on MRP


You can Get 50% value for exchange within two years if you buy a hearing aid valued at a minimum of Rs 20,000 or more.


Our adaptation policy allows you to upgrade or downgrade the Digital hearing aid or Semi Digital Hearing aids that you buy from us within a month, according to your needs. All you need to do is pay an additional 2% charge on MRP. If you wish to downgrade the hearing aid, we will refund the additional amount within a month.


Now, you can rent our hearing aids at Rs 2000 per month. This is what you need to do. Pay three months of the amount in advance, i.e., Rs 6000 and we will provide you with high-end digital hearing aids or rechargeable hearing aid. Within those three months, if you feel that the hearing aid suits you, you can buy it at the MRP and we will refund the advanced amount of Rs 6000. Any added service concerning the rented hearing aid will cost Rs 500.


Worried about what if your hearing loss increases? We got you covered. With an added charge of 10% of the MRP, you can avail of our hearing loss coverage policy. If your hearing loss deteriorates within two years of you buying our hearing machine, we will upgrade the product at 70% of the MRP of your existing hearing aid.

Type of Hearing Aids

Are you looking for a hearing aid? The level of hearing loss, cosmetic concerns and lifestyle preferences all play a role in determining the best type and design for you. Hearing Plus’s ear machines come with a wide range of features and forms to accommodate various types of hearing loss problems. It can be difficult to choose and comprehend which hearing aid is best for you. When choosing the proper style for your purpose, you must take into account a number of factors.


  • The sound is quite discreet, clear and invisible than custom invisible-in-canal (IIC) and completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids.
  • There are different receiver power levels can be fitted. It can satisfy hearing challenges up to profound hearing loss.
  • The size of the Hearing Aid is smaller than the Behind the Ear Hearing Aid (BTE).
  • Different ear domes can be fitted to the receiver inside the ear making them suitable for a variety of types of hearing losses.
  • Improves speech understanding in noise with the availability of Dual Microphone
  • Options available in the form of Wireless and telecoil
  • Available in Rechargeable mode as well


  • Enables stronger amplification
  • Long Battery Life
  • Additional Features-Bluetooth, Directional Microphones and Tele coil
  • They are worn by people of all Age groups for Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss
  • Hand & Simple to use
  • Available in Rechargeable mode as well

In the Canal Hearing Aid (ITC)

  • Smaller in size than RIC and BTE
  • Custom Hearing Aid prepared after Individual Ear Impression
  • Multi Program for versatile environment
  • Smaller size battery (size 312) is used. Lower Battery consumption period

Completely In the Canal (CIC)

  • Small and comfortable
  • Cosmetic Look
  • Provides listening benefits to the user
  • Invisible from outside


  • Speech Therapy from 1 year old
  • Voice Therapy for numerous voice related issue
  • Ear Mould facilities-soft & Hard Mould
  • Scientific Programming with state of the art technology and software
  • Trial Facility up to 7 days
  • Home service facility for senior citizen and seriously ill patient
  • Telephonic and Online Consultation
  • Easy EMI facility
  • Battery Club Membership Program
  • Aided Audiometry
  • Scientific process of Hearing Impaired Counselling and Information collection
  • Round the year information sharing to consumers about different activities.

Rate Chart

Sr. No. Tests Amount (Rs.)
1 Pure Tone Audiometry 600/-
2 Impedance Audiometry/Tympanometry 600/-
3 Short Increment Sensitivity Index (SISI) 300/-
4 Speech Discrimination Test (SDS) 300/-
5 Speech Reception Threshold (SRT) 300/-
6 Toney Decay Test (TDT) 300/-
7 Brain Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA) 1800/-
8 Electronystagmography (ENG) 1800/-
9 Otoacoustic emission test (OAE) 1000/-
10 Speech Therapy (Per session) 600/-
11 Hearing Aid Trial Charges 500/-
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A hearing aid is a small electronic device worn behind the ear, or in the ear canal. It amplifies sounds to allow a person with hearing loss hears better. Hearing devices have 3 components: a microphone, an amplifier, and a speaker. Sounds come through the microphone, and are converted into electrical signals and sent to the amplifier. The amplifier then increases the power of the signals and sends them to the ear through the speaker. Hearing aids should not be confused with an in-ear sound amplifier.

What is the difference between analog and digital hearing aids?

Analog hearing aids make continuous sound waves louder. This hearing aids essentially amplify all sounds (e.g., speech and noise) in the same way. Some analog hearing aids are programmable. They have a microchip that allows the aid to have settings programmed for different listening environments, such as in a quiet place, like at a library, or in a noisy place like in a restaurant, or in a large area like a soccer field. The analog programmable hearing aids can store multiple programs for various environments.

As the listening environment changes, hearing aid settings may be changed by pushing a button on the hearing aid. Analog hearing aids are becoming less and less common.

Digital hearing aids / Rechargeable hearing aids have all the features of analog programmable aids, but they convert sound waves into digital signals and produce an exact duplication of sound. Computer chips in digital hearing aids analyze speech and other environmental sounds. The digital hearing aids allow for more complex processing of sound during the amplification process which may improve their performance in certain situations (for example, background noise and whistle reduction). They also have greater flexibility in hearing aid programming so that the sound they transmit can be matched to the needs for a specific pattern of hearing loss. Digital hearing aids also provide multiple program memories. Most individuals who seek hearing help are offered a choice of only digital technology these days.

A small microphone is built into an ear hearing machine, and this tiny gadget picks up ambient sound and transforms it to electrical energy. An electrical signal is sent to a miniature speaker called a receiver by modifying and altering circuits in the amplifier. The sound is sent to the ear by this little structure. The majority of modern hearing aid technology enhances required frequencies and reduces noise for a different type of hearing loss.

In addition to the variety of hearing aid types that can be chosen to cater to your unique lifestyle and budget, modern technology offers features in your hearing aid/s that make the hearing experience more pleasant and as close to organic hearing as possible. From Bluetooth-enabled, rechargeable hearing aids, feedback suppression and noise-reduction features, these water-resistant devices are built to ensure ultimate convenience and hearing clarity so you can enjoy life to its’ fullest.

IIC, CIC, ITC, ITE, BTE, and RIC are the most common ear hearing machine types and styles. All of them are available in both wired and wireless configurations. Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries are also available now.

The audiologist examines your degree of hearing loss when selecting which instrument is ideal for you. This decision is also influenced by one’s lifestyle and personal preferences. Consult a hearing specialist to determine which type of hearing aid is best for you.

This fully depends on what type of hearing loss you have. There are 2 types of hearing loss:
Conductive hearing loss is usually caused by an obstruction in the ear canal, such as swelling due to an ear infection, or a benign tumour. If your Hearing Care Professional determines your hearing loss as conductive, your hearing may return to normal once the obstruction has been removed. If it does not, you may benefit from wearing a hearing aid.
Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by damage to the sensory hair cells of the inner ear. This damage can be caused by exposure to loud noise, illness, side effects of certain medications, injury, or age. If your Hearing Care Professional determines your hearing loss as sensorineural, you may benefit from wearing a hearing aid. Presbycusis, generally a subset of sensorineural hearing loss, occurs in most individuals as they age. This condition is common, and can often be improved by hearing aids.

The hearing aid price is mostly determined by the type of device used and any additional features and professional services that may be required. The price range varies from person to person and their preferences because everyone’s hearing impairment is different.

The answer is YES if you suffer hearing loss in both ears. According to research, having two hearing aids allows for better conversations and greater sound understanding. The study found that people who used two hearing aids had significantly better sound quality and clarity, as well as higher speech discrimination test scores, than those who wore hearing aids in only one ear.

Hearing aids usually last for 5-6 years. We say this because of enormous technological breakthroughs. Hearing aids can last a long time if they are cared for properly and are still suited for your lifestyle.

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Comments made by E N T Doctors :

“Happy 24th year of SRAVANI with best wishes. “

Dr Rajarshi Poddar  – Consultant ENT surgeon & Microsurgery Specialist

“Heartiest congratulation to Sravani Hearing Aid clinic, 32 Bhupen Bose Avenue, Kol- 700004. I am associated with this clinic for many years and their services (Audiometry, Tympanometry, BERA, ENG, Hearing Aid sale and service) are excellent. They have an excellent team of staff providing excellent services. I wish them all success in their mission to serve the humanity.”

Dr Sanjay Kumar Gupta – Consultant ENT Surgeon & PhysicianAttached with Islamia Hospital

” I am glad to know that SRAVANI the renowned Audiological & Speech Clinic is completing 23 yrs. Audiological and Speech Centre has got a great role in the treatment of ear diseases & in treating deaf patients. Now a day’s so many Audilogical clinics have come up without proper Audiological & Infrastructural Backup. As a result reports we are getting is misleading and it creates confusion in terms of treatment & proper management. Sravani set an example of an ideal centre which served the suffering humanity properly and scientifically. I wish every success.”

Dr Debasish Mukherjee – ENT Surgeon Head of the Dept Sambhu Nath Pandit Hospital

“It gives me great pleasure to state that SRAVANI hearing aid clinic is a well organized setup. All sorts of Audiological tests done here are very appropriate and carry excellence and also reasonable to the patient economy. I wish maximum prosperity for this testing centre.’

Dr Gopa Dasgupta – Consultant ENT and General Physician, Attached to Dr M N Chatterjee Eye Hospital

“Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic is a reliable centre for Audio- Vestibular tests and Hearing aid sales and services. I know the centre for last 10 yrs. I pray to God for its glorious and prosperous development.”

Dr Asok Kumar Sana –  Consultant ENT & Head Neck Surgeon, Attached to ENT Dept Medical College, Kolkata

“Sravani had been providing good quality service consistently for so many years-1 wish all success and further improvement in forthcoming years.”

Dr Dipankar Datta – Consultant ENT & Head- Neck Surgeon, Attached with AMRI Clinic, Belle Vue Clinic

“I know Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic for longtime. I appreciate their service to patients. Any audiological investigation and any type of Hearing Aid dispensed by this centre are reliable. I wish the success of the centre.”

Dr Tarun Palit – Consultant ENT Surgeon

“My short association with SRAVANI HEARING AID CLINIC has found their service to be efficient reliable and cost effective.”

Dr. Sarmistha Bandyopadhyay – Consultant ENT Surgeon, Attached with Bhagirathi Neotia Women & Child Centre, N G Nursing Home & Health Point Nursing Home

“I know SRAVANI HEARING AID CLINIC for a long time. They perform hearing tests sincerely for a long period of time. I wish all success to them I also look forward for their further improvement.”

Dr Dwaipayan Mukherjee – Attached with R G Kar Medical College

“Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic happens to be a reputed clinic in the Vestibular diagnosis & Hearing Aid dispensing. Located at the busy intersection of Shyambazar in Central Kolkata. The clinic does audiological investigations like Audiometry, Impedance Audiometry, BERA and vestibular investigations like Electrosystemography. The clinic functions with dedicated and qualified audiologist and speech language pathologist. The Clinic has infrastructure of speech and voice therapy and regularly does this job for neurological speech defects, Vocal field disorder therapy and also for post cochlear implant rehabilitation. In its hearing Aid section- Hearing Aid trial facilities for aided and unaided audiogram with free field assessment are regular features of the clinic. The clinic also deals with post sale service for the hearing aids.”

Dr Biswarup Mukherjee – Consultant ENT Surgeon, Attached with AMRI Hospital and Clinic

“My best wishes to SRAVANI, 32 Bhupen Bose Avenue, Kol-4, for o the their service to the sufferers from Ear problems, at the eve of entering 25th year in their service to mankind.”

Dr Samiran Roy – Consultant ENT Surgeaon, Attached with Sagar Dutta Hospital

“Sravani is a well equipped Hearing Aid and Hearing Test centre. Their Performance is most satisfactory. I wish all success in future.”

Dr A M Saha – Consultant ENT Surgeon, Attached with CMRI and Nighangle Hospital

“Sravani is a well equipped Hearing Aid and Hearing Test centre. Their Performance is most satisfactory. I wish all success in future.”

Dr A M Saha – Consultant ENT Surgeon, Attached with CMRI and Nighangle Hospital

“Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic is one of the oldest clinic in Kolkata. For a long period of time they are providing Audio Vestibular Test with a quite Success. I know this clinic for last 10yrs. I wish them all the success in the years to come.”

Dr Dhiraj Roy – Consultant ENT Surgeon

Audiological Test We Provide


  • Audiometry examination tests the ability of hearing capability. Sound levels vary, based on their loudness (intensity).
  • People can hear or rather hearing occurs when sound waves stimulate the nerves of the inner ear. The sound then travels along nerve pathways to the brain.
  • Sound waves can travel to the inner ear through the ear canal, eardrum, and bones of the middle ear (air conduction). They can also pass through the bones around and behind the ear (bone conduction).
  • The Audiometry test provides Air Conduction (AC) and Bone Conduction (BC) parameters.


The Tympanometry Test does helps us to understand the following Information

  • presence of infectious fluids in the middle ear
  • otitis media with effusion
  • hypertrophy of adenoids or tonsils
  • Eustachian tube (E-Tube) dysfunction
  • otosclerosis
  • ossicular chain fracture
  • facial palsy


  • Evaluating case of deafness.
  • Screening newborn for deafness.
  • Intra-operative monitoring for the central nervous system.


  • It can be utilized to investigate types and causes of hearing loss.
  • It can be analyzed over a wider range of frequencies and thereby enable a more extensive look at cochlea function.
  • It is particularly beneficial for patients suffering from tinnitus or ototoxic-induced hearing loss or patients exposed to occupational noise.


  • Use of external sound to “mask” the internal sound of tinnitus. This mitigates tinnitus on a number of levels.
  • Habituation method is implementedhere training is imparted over a long period of time to make brain to understand and re-categorise the tinnitus sounds as an unimportant noise. The process makes the brain understand to ignore such sounds.
  • Neuromodulation process a use of specialized sound which minimizes the hyperactivity in the brain thought to be the underlying mechanism of tinnitus.


  • It is used to evaluate people with vertigo which is generally relates to a false sense of spinning or motion that can cause dizziness.
  • There are certain disorders that affect hearing and vision.
  • Here Electrodes are kept above and below the eye to measure the electrical activity


  • It employs speech signals which can be used to examine the processing ability.
  • It is affected by disorders of the middle ear, cochlea, auditory nerve and brainstem pathway,
  • The testing can be undertaken by providing White noise, Speech Noise and Babble Noise.
  • Using speech as the noise source this can provide information to signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) level at which patient can understand speech.

We are An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Hearing Aid clinic. Dedicated After Sale Service. Home Facilities Available.

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