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The Nera2 Pro ITC tends to be the preferred device for those who want a custom hearing aid but need the extra power than is available from the Nera2 Pro CIC. It includes three of Oticon’s BriainHearingTM technologies (YouMatics, FreeFocus and SpatialSound) as well as Binaural Processing (to improve localisation and hearing in background noise). While there are smaller custom devices available, the smaller size results in a loss of several performance technologies. The Nera2 Pro ITC is suited to those who spend their time in moderate levels of background noise, and for those who want a discrete custom hearing device that makes use of the Nera2 Pro technology. Those with inappropriate canal anatomy, however, may find themselves having to go for a larger Nera2 Pro ITE device.



Technical Specifications

  • Brands: Oticon
  • Type : ITC
  • Model Name/Number : Oticon Nera 2 Power ITC (WL)
  • id Placement : In The Canal
  • No. Of Channels : 16 channels
  • Battery Life : 140
  • Max. Noise Removal : NA
  • Balancing Power Effect : NA
  • Material : FIBER
  • Connect Clip : No
  • Adjustable Transient Noise Management: Yes


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