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Oticon is the largest hearing aid manufacturer based in Denmark. Oticon is part of the William Dermont Group which includes hearing aid manufacturer Bernafon.
Oticon New (2020) Ruby Range operate on the Velox chip and have full Bluetooth capabilities.
Oticon position the Ruby range in their essential (budget) range and is an update to Oticon’s Siya Range of hearing aids.The Oticon Ruby 2 R is a mid-range rechargeable model designed for user with moderately active lifestyles who are also looking for great value.Oticon Ruby 2 R has a replaceable lithium ion battery will give a full day of use – 30 minutes of charge will allow for 6 hours of wear time. Charging is contact free through induction – Ruby R is one of the best rechargeable products for users with dexterity or eyesight problems.



Technical Specifications

  • Brands : Oticon
  • Model Name/Number : Ruby 2 MiniRite R
  • Full-on gain : 56 dB/1600 Hz
  • Reference test gain : 49 dB
  • Telecoil output (1600 Hz) : 106 dB SPL
  • Total harmonic distortion(Input 70 dB SPL) : <4%
  • Battery Type : Lithium-ion


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