Siya 2 Power Plus BTE

59,000 44,250

Oticon Siya 2 Power Plus BTE (MFI) Digital Hearing Aid Bands-8, Channel-48, Fitting DB Upto-105, Full On Gain-73 DB, Battery Type-13, Life Upto-175. Programming Adapter- CS 44 Cable/WL, Noise Reduction LX, Multiband Adaptive Directionally LX, Single Compression Lx, Bass Boost (Streaming). Feedback Shield LX, Wind Noise Management, Adaptation Management. Binaural Cordination, Binaural Synchronization, Oticon Firmware Updater, Sterio Streaming (2.4 GHz). Oticon on App, IN-situ audiometry (Genie), Nano Coating, IP 68. Made for iphone Connect clip, TV Adapter 3.0, Remote control 3.0, Phone Adappter 2.0, Edumic.



Technical Specifications

  • Brands : OTICON
  • Type : BTE
  • Model Name/Number : Oticon siya 2 power plus BTE (MFI) digital hearing aid channel-48, battery-13
  • Aid Placement : Behind The Ear
  • No. Of Channels : 48 channel
  • Battery Life : 175
  • Max. Noise Removal : NA
  • Balancing Power Effect : NA
  • Material : FIBER
  • Connect Clip : Yes
  • Adjustable Transient Noise :Management : Yes


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