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The Oticon Chili is a behind the ear power hearing aid in a slim line package Noisy environments become far less confusing with Oticon Chili. In the kitchen, if someone is talking on your right side and the food blender is running on the left, Chili will automatically enhance your companion’s voice. This gives you a chance to focus clearly. Oticon Chili’s Spatial Noise.



Technical Specifications

  • Brands : Oticon
  • Channels : 9-10
  • Fitting Range : upto 120db
  • Types : Mini BTE
  • Features : Data Logging, Feedback Cancellation, Noise Management, Telecoil, Wireless
  • Add On Features : AutoPhone Program, Binaural Dynamic Feedback Cancellation 2, Binaural Processing (Compression), Binaural Push Button Coordination, ConnectLine, DAI and FM compatible, Multi-Band Adaptive Directionality, Power Bass, Program Button with Mute, Spatial Noise Management – Mild, Speech Guard, HD Music, Binaural Synchronization
  • No.of Programs : 4 User Programs


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