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Phonak Tao Q15 comes in three custom-made models that are worn discreetly inside the ear. Each Tao Q15 is individually crafted to your own ear to ensure the best possible fit and comfort.
Phonak Tao Q are built on state-of-the-art Phonak Quest technology* that is also used in the most advanced Phonak products. They are designed to balance comfort and speech understanding – right from the start.
Hear clearly without whistlingWhistleBlock eliminates unpleasant whistling of the hearing aid before it becomes audible to you or the people around you.Enjoy clearer conversations in noisePhonak Baseo Q and Tao Q include one of the most effective features in hearing aid technology: directional microphones. They reduce background noise and can significantly improve your understanding of the conversation partner in front of you, for example in a restaurant

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Technical Specifications

  • Brands : PHONAK
  • Model Name/NumberTAO Q
  • Gain Handles in fitting : 4
  • Battery Life: Approximately 150 – 170 hours
  • Battery Size:10(Zinc Air)

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